The basics

A fistful of creatives, techs and marketers; keen on the idea that marketing is enough of a fight without us agency types adding yet more pain.

Fist of Fury is a creative agency with real creative integrity and values — not just made-up marketing poppycock. We don’t use fluffy language; or shy away from awkward conversations over the best way to take a project forward. We challenge (in a nice way), to ensure the best ideas shine — in line with brand and commercial aims.

A FoF client...

We want to work with clients who respect the value of what we do and genuinely appreciate that they need an ‘us’ because they can’t do this stuff all on their lonesome.

We want to work with confident and happy clients — to support their brands and make them look great in the process. We love what we do, so clients who feel the same are pretty cool in our book. Plus, clients who know they’ll get better creative, less bullshit and all-round better customer love from a smaller agency.