March 29th 2018

10 documentaries that we really like

by Martin O'Toole

Veritable bunch of creative culture-vultures that we are, we thought we'd start a new series called 'Faves of Fury'. In typical Knuckle Sandwich fashion, here's a list of 10 documentaries we rather like - in no particular order.

1. Hypernormalisation

This film considers the notion that we live in a "fake world" where we passively consume whatever information is delivered to us via the media - all of which is carefully engineered by global financiers and governments. It's got Gadafi, Syria, and the origin of the 'suicide bomber'. This lengthy yet thought-provoking film is really rather mind-blowing.

Director: Adam Curtis Broadcaster: BBC (via their YouTube)

2. Jim & Andy

Back in 1999, whilst making Man on The Moon - a film about the madcap comedian Andy Kaufman - Jim Carey decided to document his method approach to the role. Carey stayed in character through the entire production of the movie. The results of this had a dramatic effect on the team, as well as portraying a somewhat unstable view of Carey, whose sanity was questioned on an almost daily basis. Utterly riveting and just a wee bit disturbing.

Director: Chris Smith Broadcaster: Netflix

3. Vivian Maier

The idea, and possiblity that an artist's body of work, like that of Vivian Maiers, can go unnoticed and undiscovered for so many years is astonishing and makes for a great documentary. There are things in this world that we are yet to discover, we just need to find them in someone's storage box or in a flea market.

Director: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

4. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Ever wondered what it takes to master something? A sport, an artform, a subject? In this documentary, we see someone's absolute dedication and love for an artform bring them to the top of their class. A lifetime of work pays off to make Jiro the sushi master!

Director: David Gelb

5. The Devil and Daniel Johnston

I watched this in a tiny community cinema in Newcastle and loved it. The film cronicals the life of Daniel Johnston, a lo-fi alt hero who's music and illustrations are loved by many but who also suffers with manic depression and schizophrenia.

Director: Jeff Feuerzeig

6. Dear Zachary

If you fancy a cry, this is the documentary for you. A crazy bitch murders the film maker's friend and then claims to be pregnant with his child. The film follows the story of the murdered dad's life told through letters to his son.

Director: Kurt Kuenne

7. The Queen of Versailles

The 2008 global economic crisis threatens the fortune of Florida billionaires David and Jackie Siegel just as they are in the middle of building a 90,000 square-foot estate.

Director: Lauren Greenfield

8. Grey Gardens

The ladies in Grey Gardens are totally bonkers. As relatives of Jackie O they live in a huge mansion in an awful state of disrepair. If you like weirdos and American eccentrics, then this is the film for you.

Directors: Albert Maysles, Muffie Meyer, David Maysles, Ellen Hovde

9. My Scientology Movie

Louis Theroux in America, trying to invite the Church of Scientology to a chat about their religion? What could possibly go wrong? The behaviour of the Scientoligists genuinely leaves one rather concerned and wondering just how far the power of this secretive organisation actually reaches. Whatever you do, don't #Scientology on Twitter after watching this. Unless you don't mind be stalked and harassed by members of the church...

Director: Louix Theroux

10. Chef's Table

Michelin chef Francis Mellman turned South American resident recieves various world-renowned chefs at his Patagonian pile, for a combination of tradecraft honing and countryside persuits in this food-fest of a web series.

Director: David Gelb Broadcaster: Netflix Embedded content: