July 5th 2018

10 podcasts that we really like

by Martin O'Toole

In our on-going quest to give you marginally useful insights into our collective cultural psyche - here's the second slice of our 'Faves of Fury' series. 10 podcasts that we rather like - in no particular order.

1. Serial

The masterfully told, true and ongoing story of Adnan Syed and the murder of Hae Min Lee. I’ve never enjoyed my commute to work more than when listening to Serial. Following the plot and characters wherever they lead, host Sarah Koenig does a brilliant job guiding you through this complex, additive and sometimes madding murder mystery. I was gripped from start to finish and am eagerly awaiting more. I recommend binge listening! Podcast lover: Sophie M

2. S-Town

A compelling insight into the mind of a troubled genius. Full of twists, turns and tragedy, this is the story of John B McLemore and his life in Shittown Alabama. I must admit, the first episode left me wondering what all the hype was about, but stick with it, by the end of episode 2 - I was hooked! Podcast lover: Sophie M

3. The Adam Buxton Show

Being old, I was a massive fan of the Adam & Joe Show. Adam Buxton's award-winning podcast is a mad mix of daft songs, serious and silly banter with guests and friends alike - and Rosie the talking dog. This is a no-brainer and you must listen forthwith. Podcast lover:: Martin O

4. Elis James & John Robbins

Two comedians, loads of daft segments, made up games and an enduring love for all things Queen (the band). I was introduced to this podcastby my missus last year and now consider myself to be a true 'PCD' (PodCast Devotee). Elis & John record a show every Saturday on XFM. This is the shortened version. I've had many a Monday morning chuckle on the train into work thanks to this podcast. Pure quality. Shout out if you're a PCD! ;) Podcast lover: Martin O

5. The Guilty Feminist

Porn, periods and promiscuity are just some of the topics discussed by Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White in this hilarious and witty show. Clearly this is made for women, but FYI (blokes), you will undoubtedly learn stuff about womankind via this show. Either way, it's funny as hell. Podcast lover: Martin O

6. Invisibilia

This is my all time favourite podcast and one which has given me LOADS of dinner party fodder. It's all about the unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions from fear to love to senses. It's all in there. Podcast lover: Amy B

7. Call Your Girlfriend

Do you have a long distance bestie? Listen to two pure sass queens as they maintain a longdistance friendship. These girls cover all of the world current affair whilst throwing in some weed smokin' wine drinking fun. Podcast lover: Amy B

8. Capital

I fancy Liam Williams. He's dead funny and fit. This is his Brexit parody podcast about the return of capital punishment. Pure brilliance. Podcast lover: Amy B

9. Radio Lab

Hundreds of radio documentaries about science, culture and the world. Radiolab has so much brain fodder. Podcast lover: Amy B

10. Sandra

Have you got an Amazon Alexa? Another comedy podcast about Sanda. The AI virtual assistant who's not that virtual. At only 20 minutes a pop this is perfect commuting fodder. Podcast lover: Amy B