June 21st 2017

7 business apps for an easy life

by Martin O'Toole

Being the Luddite I am, it's always a pleasure when I realise that you can actually teach an old dog new tricks. As a boutique creative business, anything we can use that streamlines the way we work (and hopefully make the boat go faster) is a winner. So I figured I'd share some of the apps we use at FoF HQ. Incidentally, the apps I've chosen to talk about ARE NOT solely relevant to creative agencies. So whether you need help with your content marketing, planning your day better, or just smart file storage, there's something for the lot of you. So here are 7 business apps for an easy life...

1 Slack

Slack is a smart tool for communicating and file-sharing with your colleagues - across single or multiple sites. It's also a nifty way to silo projects and team chats relating to each project. Aside from that, their branding is VERY cool. Sweet design and the user experience of the app is ace.

Slack - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

2 Pocket

For the content hoovers amongst you, this app is a MUST. I use Pocket to store all the stuff I love - either for sharing on social - or for our newsletter (The Knuckle Sandwich). There's a Google Chrome extension, which makes it ridiculously easy to store your favourite finds in one click - pocketing them until your weekly content meeting.

Pocket - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

3 Trello

I rather love a checklist. Trello does that and a whole lot more. You can use it for anything from creating a shared content calendar list, to snagging lists, as well as sharing project files. Trello looks lovely and you get the satisfaction of ticking boxes which creates an automatic line-strike through the task once completed. Grrrr...

Trello - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

4 Dropbox

I doubt I'm telling you anything new here, but who needs an expensive NAS data storage device when you can use Dropbox?! Upgrade to Dropbox for Business for the whistles & bells, including the ability to remote wipe any team members' device if lost or stolen.

Dropbox - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

5 Mailchimp

I've been a fan of Mailchimp since it started. In fact, I've still got the branded t-shirt they sent me after launching our first Mailchimp email campaign. So if you're new to Mailchimp - or haven't looked at it for a while, DO SO. It's great for list management, simple subscription integration, as well as making the design stage a walk in the park. Then when you realise you can run integrated paid social campaigns from the within the platform as well as A/B testing and database segmentation, Mailchimp becomes a TOTAL no-brainer. Oh and the mobile app is fantastic - as is the campaign reporting feature. Jeez - I just realised how much I love Mailchimp...

[Mailchimp - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

6 Evernote

Make notes, share notes, add files and photos - even do it with your iPhone without the need of a laptop! If you're in the business of making notes, then check out Evernote.

Evernote - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

7 Crugo

We're not actually using this app yet but we've got a demo later in the week. This is how the bloke who's running the demo sold it to me: "It's like Trello, Slack and Dropbox - all wrapped up into one business app". Which sounds well worth a look. I can't vouch for the user experience or the design, but I've high hopes for Crugo.

Crugo - 7 business apps for an easy life - Fist of Fury

So that's it. Hopefully you've come across one or two apps that might be useful for you and make your own business easier to run as a result.