December 20th 2017

A Furious year

by Martin O'Toole

So half the office has already fucked off on their Christmas jollies and the rest of us are a wee way off winding down for Christmas. That said, I'm onto my second large mug of mulled wine, so it's safe to say Christmas is occurring at FoF Towers.

Hitting the ripe old age of 42 this year, it turns out I've become rather reflective and romantic to the point of daftness. With that in mind, I felt inspired to 'pen' some thoughts as the end of the year draws near.

In many ways this year was the first proper year of trading for Fist of Fury. Entirely reliant on our collective of trusted freelance partners, dealing with various personal traumas and changes in circumstance plaguing the early years of the business, I treated Fist of Fury very much like a lifestyle business. I was never really fully invested in turning FoF into a proper agency until 2017.

And then we had this year. And what a wonderful year it's been.

Mind, it started bloody awfully, with a client going bad debt.

And then some rather wonderful things started to happen to the business. Call it commercial Karma, or just plain good luck, but we recruited some absolute super-stars in the creative and customer love departments (namecheck for Rich and Josh) and at the same time, a former client invited us to pitch for a significant piece of business. Then I met another great creative team and a solid new business guy, and things have gone well from there. Teamwork/dreamwork etc.

In 2017, we've doubled the size of the team. We've moved to our new and much-loved home by London Bridge station. We've won a load of new business and on track for doubling last year's turnover. We've been shortlisted in a major pitch to one of the nation's biggest banks. We had the best months in the history of the business! Our newest recruit (big up Amy B) is now heading up our client services team and bringing a load of grown-up process to the agency.

Next year will kick off with a load of new client work and some ace looking pitches.

Honestly, I can't convey how proud I am of what our little team has accomplished this year - in the face of personal and professional adversity.

I realised that I'm utterly unemployable. So it's rather lucky that this little creative shop of ours is on the way up - all due to this amazing team around me.

Do me a favour though: keep your fingers crossed and continue to wish us the best. One thing I learnt a long time ago is that we can never be complacent or cocky. Or cocks for that matter!

So here's to not being cocks. And here's to you. And here's to Fist of Fury. And here's to a great commercial year for us all in 2018.

Merry Fistmas.

M x

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