June 21st 2016

Aunt Bessie's web site design & digital overhaul

by Martin O'Toole

The nation’s favourite frozen Yorkshire Pudding brand is to undergo a complete digital overhaul in Q3 of this year, having awarded their web design & build business to Fist of Fury, following a 5-way pitch.

Fiona Hepworth, Communications Manager, said: “This marks a really exciting change in strategy for us, as we’re keen to create an online hub for our customers with a multitude of opportunities — from the basics of product information, to developing a digital strategy that allows us to provide relevant content to our loyal fan-base. Fist of Fury impressed us from the outset with their passion and enthusiasm. They also recognise our position as a true challenger brand. We can’t wait to get the new site up and running as phase one of our digital transformation plans”.

  1. Aunt Bessie's Web Site Design - Blog 1
  2. Aunt Bessie's Web Site Design - blog 2

Martin O'Toole (Founder of Fist of Fury) sid: "The team at Bessie’s are a lovely bunch. Simply put, they're our kind of people; so I can only imagine it’s going to be a pleasure working with them and that we’ll do great work together. It’s a very good sign of things to come for Fist of Fury.“

And so ends our public service announcement. Looking forward to sharing the new designs with you when the site goes live...

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