July 10th 2017

Design job vacancy Dalston

by Martin O'Toole

Medium-weight/senior designer wanted


...an integrated brand/creative/digital boutique currently based in Dalston. You're an incredibly creative designer; with a sense of humour, who wants to work with an up & coming agency (that's us) on anything from brand creation through to ATL ads and social content creation.

Let's get together...

...and make something wonderful. Not like a baby. More like just some really cool looking client stuff.


If you fancy working at an agency where we don't shit all over the creative process, or say "yes" to everything in a relatively spinless sort of way, then man alive we'd like to hear from you!


  • This is a midweight/senior role. So please only get in touch if you have a decent level of commercial experience.
  • You love type and drawing; know your hex triplets from your pantones and can do anyting from brand creation to digital design (working alongside with our UX dudes).
  • You're interested in the latest design trends.
  • You often start your thinking with a pencil and pad.
  • You're more than happy (emotionally and technically) to finish your ideas as artwork.
  • You really give a f*ck about your attention to detail and it's even consceivable that as a youth you may have been called 'Hawk-eye' or 'Eagle-Eyes' on more than one occasion.
  • You want to work for an agency where your skills are loved and your contribution is respected.
  • You can give and take feedback in a grown-up and respectful manner.
  • You're bascially ace.


We're a pretty relaxed group who believe that fluff is for belly buttons and that fortune favours the bold. And we're looking for a designer to compliment our team.

If you got all the way to the bottom of this - and still like the idea of working here then we'd love to hear from you. Email us via info@wearefury.com using the subject header: "Help help. The Hooded Claw."