January 22nd 2018

My first month of Fury

by Amy Bedford

This month, Fury is 4, I am one.

I’d be lying if I pretended I wasn’t strong-armed into writing a ‘My first month at Fist of Fury’ blog, but as the new Account Director on the block, one must lead by example. So, in the spirit of New Year, new me (job), and to celebrate Fist of Fury turning 4 years old, here are 4 things I’ve learnt in my first month, which will be guiding me through 2018.

Same same, but different

In this month alone I’ve pitched to a major UK bank, met businesses in: Gaming, investments, fashion, booze, lingerie, the 3rd sector, fintech and recruitment. That’s a broad spectrum of industries, but approach is always the same: listen, process, research, plan and always brand first, channel later.


Keep both eyes open (and keep your glasses on) In true Fist of Fury style, they let us use guns at the Christmas party. We went clay pigeon shooting, after which a solid 12-hour drinking session ensued. This one’s easy to grasp though: pay attention and keep your eye on the ball and you’ll be able to hit the target.


It’s cool to collaborate (This is one of Martin’s sayings) "WTF is an Uber-style model" was my first question to Fist of Fury before I joined. Now I know it’s an ace super team, much like the avengers (but with more beards), where your perfect creative/strategy/creative tech team are built to the brief. This was a backwards one for me to grasp, but now I’ve got it. What I’ve learnt: don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole. Having a core team of 11 and then a collective of 40+ means we can basically do anything.

There’s always space for new friends if you want to join the Pen Club, just write Pen 15 on your arm, with no spaces.