May 25th 2018


by Amy Bedford


A whirlwind romance with a fairytale ending began this week. The prince finally found his princess and may they live happily ever after.

In this case the prince being Fist of Fury and the princess being… me?
I don’t think I’ve thought this through properly.

So I started.

The dawn of a new era began on Monday when I officially joined FoF as their new senior creative.

After far too many years working at the great and the not-so-good, the institutions and the start-ups, the dinosaurs and the new kids on the block, I was very pleased to accept a job offer from Fist of Fury's founder (Martin) to come and join him & the team.

Why Fist of Fury? Easy. A no-brainer, I believe they call it. It ticked all my right boxes.

  • Great work. Tick.
  • Interesting clients. Tick.
  • Smashing people. Tick.
  • A bullshit-free zone. Tick.

I’ve worked at some of the biggest in my career and had a great time with some and not so much with others. The time has come to find the right fit. I value happiness above everything else and Fist of Fury makes me grin. From ear to ear. I’ve had enough politics to last me a lifetime. I’ve had enough of yes men & women. I’ve had enough of global/pan-European clients with work that nobody really gives a monkey’s about and it’s written by them anyway. Enough. So I joined an agency I believe in. Like I said, no-brainer.

So, I started.

The day arrived without any of the pomp and circumstance, the street parties, Elton John or people camping out in Union Jack sleeping bags, unfortunately.

In true Rod Elms style I arrived one hour late due to, what the press had called, ‘Meltdown Monday’ on the trains. Good start.

I made up for my timekeeping by bringing in a very funky and potentially brilliant brand called Ollybars (try them they are delicious and available in all good retailers. (Other bars are available but they are shit in comparison) in to the office for a meeting. We liked them, they liked us, the seeds of another budding relationship well and truly watered.

Then, it was all hands to the pump for a massive brand relaunch for the Mortgage Lender. All bells and all whistles, all singing and all dancing and all a lot of work. Can you write all the copy for their new website?

So, I started.

Next up, filming the bossman and the TML client in a knockabout, corporate video where a lot of smoke was blown in places but it all turned out nice and natural.

The week ended with another Ollybars brand workshop where we narrowed down Olly’s brand proposition to make my life a hell of a lot easier. A new trick for this old dog to learn but it was a fantastic insight into Martin’s branding brain, which is a very interesting place to start.

So, I started.

Martin was a very big reason why I snatched his hand off in accepting a job at FoF, that and the crippling gambling debts.

Martin is a typical Yorkshire, “I say what I like and I like what I bloody well say”, but I like what he says when he says it like it is.

So there it is one week under my belt and many, many more to come. I’m sure we’ll be celebrating a Silver Jubilee together and this ‘princess’ has certainly found my Prince Charming.

So to speak.