August 7th 2017

New news

by Martin O'Toole

Turns out we've been so busy working to pay the gas bill that we neglected to share any Fist of Fury news.

New business wins

We've won some new clients and are delighted to welcome to the following brands to FoF Towers:

  • Hearthstone Investments Plc
  • Twisted Cellar
  • 2020 Group
  • DubbelSpace
  • Mindfull
  • Cairn
  • People Insight
  • Whitemoor Shooting
  • RedCloud Technologies

Who on earth are this lot?! Watch this space and we'll share work as and when we can.

New talent

We'd also like to welcoeme the incredibly talented Josh Kimnell to the creative team. Josh joins us as a senior designer and has already had a cracking effect on the agency's output. He's rather a multi-talented humanoid, with skills in coding, UX design, digital and graphic design, as well as being a first-class illustrator.

Josh Kimnell - Fist of Fury In his spare time, Josh keeps bees.

We've moved

Out of the deepest depths of the east-end and over to the slightly more salubrious part of town that is London Bridge.

Fist of Fury's moved office Bob in for a Fig Roll and a cuppa!