September 22nd 2017

Resigning a client

by Martin O'Toole


We've decided to ask Bessie's to make alternative arrangements for their web site and any on-going digital marketing activity we may have carried out. Why?

What I said in the statement:

“There’s no real drama. We take our brand values very seriously and as a result, we recently undertook a review of our client list, asking whether they ‘make the boat go faster’. We held client relationships up against our own values asking a fistful (sorry!) of simple questions:

  • Do they value our work/input?
  • Does it makes us any money?
  • Do they allow us to be proactive/creative?
  • Is there mutual respect?

“The answer to the above was a resounding “no”, so we’ve amicably terminated our relationship with a month’s notice.”

The point:

To be clear: there was no ulteria motive to this action and the news came as a surprise to Aunt Bessie's.

Imagine if you can - an agency that stands up for its values - that will end a relationship if that relationship is toxic. That's what happened here.