May 22nd 2014

Team building Fist of Fury style

by Martin O'Toole

So we decided it was high time we should have a team building/get together (ultimately involving some heavy drinking) to celebrate the first really successful quarter of our firm's short life. The beginning of the year was tough for all sorts of reasons, including a couple of us experiencing personal tragedies, but regardless, we're still here and we're doing well and the business is going from strength to strength with the help of our fantastic creative collective.

"Never before have I done a team building session where I got hit in the bollocks!"

So what does a bunch of creatives and developers by the name of 'Fist of Fury' do when it comes to corporate team building?! Outward bounds? Sports Day? GoApe? GoKarting? Bowling? Nope... Way too namby-pamby for Fist of Fury! No, we decided to track down a mixed martial arts weapons trainer whose speciality is Nunchaku (or 'Nunchucks'). It made the most sense, what with the close relationship between our brand and the late, great Bruce Lee.

So off we went to a dojo in Leeds, whereby we were subjected to various stretching exercises followed by some rather peaceful meditation. And then the fun began... Favourite quote of the day: "I never did a team building session where I got hit in the bollocks before!?" Needless to say, there were countless moments of amusement, whilst we fumbled through the use of various weapons - in the main, looking like total arses.

Regardless, it was a bloody great (and different) way to do a little team bonding. Fantastic fun all-round - all of which was filmed, so watch this space for a pointless video of us all. In the meantime, the local paper came along and wrote a piece about it.

Here's a really serious video documenting the whole debacle.

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