B2B branding

Agility Chemical Logistics


As a subsidiary to a major global logistics operation, Agility Chemical Logistics was having a hard time trying to articulate its product offering - and differentiating said offering with a sea (sorry) of competitors.

Having taken a group (including the board of directors) through our tried & tested brand workshop process, we were able to strip the product brand down right back to its core proposition - enabling us to change the way the brand looked and (incredibly importantly) spoke.


So suddenly, an 'oceanic freight-forwarding' product becomes 'Move by Sea' (and so on and so forth).

This was an incredibly challenging B2B branding project, since the client had become so used to conveying their brand in a complex and robotic way. In the end though, they finally grasped that their clients are human after all and it's all about H2H rather than B2B!

During the Fist of Fury brand workshop I found Martin to be a real breath of fresh air. Martin and the team helped us cut through the usual marketing fluff to rapidly capture the essence of our business and value proposition. What’s more, the simple and effective messages we developed are as powerful to drive cohesive internal engagement as they are to drive our external brand development. Andrew Jackson, CEO.

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