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Aunt Bessie's


Aunt Bessie's existing website was tired, dated, difficult to navigate and took an absolute age to load (20+ seconds for some pages), so they asked us to design & build a new one. At the same time as identifying that the website needed updating, Bessie's were in the throws of a comprehensive and smart brand refresh, from identity to packaging, all in a bid to engage with new audiences and promote the mid-week message, i.e. Aunt Bessie's make much more than just Yorkshire Puddings. From Sweet Potato wedges to Sticky Toffee Pudding, so everyday deserves Aunt Bessie's!

Bessie's knew that they needed a new website and that there had to be clear consistency between their new brand and packaging and their digital presence.

Through our digital workshop process we helped Aunt Bessie's identify and outline the core brief, to identify how the new website could support their business objective to get more people eating Aunt Bessie's products on more days of the week. So in a weird way, we also gave our fellow pitching agencies the perfect brief. Derrr...


Honestly? The creative we presented within the pitch pretty much bombed, as we'd focused on a fridge/fridge magnet design concept, depicting 'Aunt Bessie's Kitchen'. The idea was miles off the new brand & packaging. Thankfully, our strategy and process was relatively useful, so back to the drawing board we went.

The final designs are literally an online transformation of the packaging, with Aunt Bessie's apron forming the shape for all pages, flowing down each section. The colours, typography and graphical elements all hark back to the brand and packaging - all synonymous with the nation's favourite Yorkshire Pud brand.

We also wanted the site to be an intelligent marketing tool - with every aspect considered and focused around the aim to get more people eating more Aunt Bessie's products on more days of the week. Everyday a different product is promoted on the homepage, a different top tip displays, and within the recipe section there are more tips and product options.

We've also incorporated the ability to personalise content, so in its simplest form, if you've visited the site recently and read an article, we'll show you a different one. Getting more intuitive though, if you register an account and tell us a little bit more about yourself, we'll show you content specifically relevant to your preferences. For example - if you're a busy mum with three kids, we'll show you articles and recipes to entertain the kids, provide quick & healthy midweek meals and so on. Keep an eye on the site in the coming months as this functionality will be rolled out...

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