Advertising campaign creative



Working for one of Aviva's incumbent agencies, we had 5 days to pitch a new idea on how to reposition this well-known pension providers’ retirement product proposition within the marketplace. The incumbent was a digital marketing agency and thus had no internal campaign creatives. Fist of Fury's main creative team were drafted in to win this pitch and deliver the campaign.

This was for a national ad campaign, including press, digital and ambient.


We won the pitch - pinching the business from a global agency.

Since the digital agency had already created a huge bank of illustrative assets as part of the wider project, we dveloped the idea from web designs/online video content – integrating this work into a really strong advertising creative concept.

Working closely with Aviva's marketing team to drill down the key proof points, we gave the campaign a clean, simple, yet fun tone of voice – building on the characterisation that already existed – creating multiple new characters to play a part in the work.

  2. Advertising agency soho - Aiviva C2
  3. Advertising agency soho - Aiviva C 1
  4. Advertising agency soho - Aiviva C3

We then took the creative from press, to online display, to sponsored taxis – and even shot and shared a stunt using some Aviva-sponsored ‘happy cabs’.