Brand animation



Whilst Century 21’s the world’s largest estate agency, they’re still pretty small in the UK. So they’ve a two-fold job to do:

  • Recruit more franchisees around the country;
  • Build brand awareness to consumers.

What with Century 21 having so many cool facts surrounding their business model and achievements, it felt fairly obvious that brand animation was the way to go. Notwithstanding that, the crazy growth in video usage make it an easy argument. Fact: Humanoids recall 95% of a video message, compared with only 10% of a written message. So it’s all about video!

Incidentally, this is a rather basic demonstration of our motion graphics/animation skills. We have more motion graphics work to share under NDA, as the IP of this work belongs to the agencies at which our collective members have previously worked (brutal honesty and credit where credit’s due etc).