Website workshop

Chatsworth House & Gardens (digital)


Following a successful rebrand project, Chatsworth were ready to start considering how they were going to tackle the digital translation of their new brand in the form of a shiny new website.

Having experienced a number of issues with the existing website due to a lack of planning and overall project management, Chatsworth knew that this time round the work done at the start of the project would be the key to its success. As such, they asked us to undertake a detailed planning and scoping project, inclusive of two of our dedicated workshops.

Our brief was clear:

  • Drill into the intricacies of Chatsworth’s integration requirements, particularly the third party booking system ‘Gamma’
  • Gain insights from Chatsworth’s key internal stakeholders in order to identify a detailed list of requirements for the new website
  • Conduct an SEO audit of the existing site
  • Conduct & analyse user experience research surveys
  • Produce a detailed project scoping document


The first of two workshops, our website exploration workshop. Basically, we asked Chatsworth to properly interrogate the ‘why’ behind their new website.

Featuring key stakeholder’s from all areas of the business, from the front line booking teams to senior members of the marketing team and the in-house techies responsible for IT infrastructure, the workshop was a ‘hierarchy-free-zone’, meaning, everyone’s opinion is just as valid as everyone else’s. It was a case of collecting all ideas, view points and headaches, and then reviewing them as a group of Chatsworth experts & advocates in order to collectively agree what the key issues Chatsworth was facing were, who the key audience are and could be, and most importantly what the core objective for the website should be.

Out the back of the workshop came a list of wants, needs and considerations – all of which only made the grade if they could be linked back to the core objective for the website. This list, in it’s barest of forms was the makings of the functionality list for the website.


We identified a number of key user journeys and actions for the website, and invited a portion of Chatsworth’s customer database to complete tasks aligned with these journeys and feedback on their experience, along with a general opportunity to provide feedback on the overall website.

We collated and reviewed this feedback in preparation for the user journey workshop.


Using the Google Analytics analysis and the user survey data as a basis, we conducted an on-site workshop with Chatsworth’s marketing team in order to review issues with the current website user journey, based on ‘what we think’ versus ‘what we know’, and then actively plot out the user journey for one of Chatsworth’s core digital consumers.

The plotting of the user journey involves the identification of tasks, questions and touchpoints for each stage of the journey, from awareness, through consideration, purchase and post-purchase.


Following all user research, workshops, conference calls with integration partners and the SEO audit, we were in a position to produce a detailed project scoping document. This document clearly outlined the following:

  • Specific project objective and associated aims
  • Indicative site plan
  • Specific/core website functionality
  • Integration requirements
  • Page by page break down of required functionality
  • Browsers & devices most relevant for responsive testing
  1. Fist of Fury Website Workshop 1