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Chatsworth House & Gardens (rebranding)


Chatsworth had a brand look and feel over 7 years old and so the Chatsworth Trust had a strong desire to work with an integrated agency capable of working with them from strategy through to full creative roll-out. Having won the 5-way pitch, we set to work on redecorating this landmark tourist attraction.

The requirement was far-reaching – from marketing and creative strategy – to rolling out a brand new comms and media plan – all wrapped up with a refreshed brand tone of voice, look and feel – plus a set of guidelines to complete the works.


We have a number of workshop programmes which we fit to customers’ requirements. On this occasion, we packed a great deal into two days. Topics covered included:

  • Digital transformation;
  • The role of brand within today’s digital space;
  • SWOT/setting meaningful objectives;
  • Marketing planning;
  • Content/Inbound marketing planning;
  • Brand and creative planning.
  • These workshops were designed to train staff, as well as begin a fully collaborative process with all stakeholders involved with the brand.

Following this, we set to work on a creative strategy designed to tackle the brand position and messaging strategy. Our planners dug into the consumer research and workshop findings, then worked with our CD and creative team, to completely redefine the creative and media messaging (with our partner media agency).


After months of planning and a great deal of work, we wound up with a completely new and vibrant look and feel for Chatsworth. The introduction of colour; the refreshed tone of voice, and a clear messaging strategy were all the tools that the in-house marketing team needed to take their new brand forward.

As with any such project, consistency is key – though it’s so easy for people to lose sight of that. So with this new brand look and feel, we also issued a full set of brand guidelines. A ‘brand bible’ if you like. Just like all brand guidelines we produce, this includes everything from technical specifications, to tone of voice guidelines, to photography and copywriting instructions. Packed to the brim with brand guardianship rules and regs to be adhered to come Hell or high water…

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