Advertising campaign creative

CNN Business


We were invited to pitch for an international press and online display campaign, designed to reposition CNN’s business proposition to business leaders around the world. The campaign planning focussed on international press and magazine titles, as well as a significant investment in online display/banner ads.

Whilst this sounds simple enough, the complexities around creating a brand position and multiple executions which can be universally understood cross-continent, was a challenge in itself.

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Once we’d developed the ‘Reading Between the Bottom Lines’ concept, the trick was to take a boatload of trending international news topics and make on-campaign headlines out of them. Good fun and incredibly educational…

We then went on to create a further campaign execution, focussing on one of the anchors, Nina dos Santos – photographing her in-studio, as she continues to ‘read between the bottom lines’ of serious global business issues.

A cracking series of international press and digital campaigns.