Direct mail/design for print

CNN International (event marketing)


Once a year, just before the World Travel Market (held at ExCeL London), CNN invites Tourism Ministers and dignitaries from around the world, to a special event hosted by them. This year, the event will be hosted by CNN’s Richard Quest and internationally renowned chef, Anthony Bourdain.

So how do you invite such VIP guests to such a VIP event? With a degree of consideration to both luxurious design and production…


An aeroplane theme was defined, with the main stage being mock-up of the cut-away of a passenger plane, complete with seats – with specially positioned seats for Messrs Quest and Bourdain. With this theme in mind, we created a personalised passport for each VIP, whereby upon arrival at the event, they would step into a Photo Booth (to make their own ‘party passport picture’), before handing their passport over at ‘check-in’ to receive a ‘Bourdain Pass’, which in turn would have a perforated stub bearing their table number.

Simple idea, beautifully crafted and fair fucks to our print partners on this one, as such jobs are tricky enough anyway, without introducing almost 400 foreign names, bearing accents and characters LITERALLY from around the world. Sweet job though and VERY happy people at CNN International…

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