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Like all special things, Fist of Fury was born accidentally, with no family planning whatsoever. We actually started off a little like that movie, Jerry McGuire “Help me help you”, with this client.

We'd won the Emmett pitch at the agency we were all made redundant from just three days before Christmas. Since we'd already gone through the majoprity of the UX and page design process, we did not want to let this (new) client down. As such, we went to London on our own steam and shamelessly begged Emmett London to allow us to rescue their Magento e-commerce project - even though technically, Fist of Fury didn't exist at the time!

The brief was twofold:

  • Take the client through a brand workshop process to clarify the brand's position and tone of voice;
  • Create an entirely new, mobile responsive ecommerce site.


So after this rather commercially romantic start, they took a chance on us and we nailed it. Walking the project through our usual process (UX first), we delviered a slick, fresh, fully functioning site with a number of new areas of functionality including a content hub and shirt-builder.

  1. Menswear branding Fist of Fury 2
  2. Menswear branding Fist of Fury 3
  3. Menswear branding Fist of Fury 1

I would highly recommend Fist of Fury to any company or brand, wishing to re-establish itself, particularly in the digital realm. They talk a good talk, and they walk the walk as confidently as a 6ft supermodel in heels. Ciara Cox, Commercial Director, Emmett London