TEFL marketing & campaign creative



We pitched and won i-to-i’s (part of the TUI Travel Group) June, July and August advertising campaign activity. Whilst the original brief was a simple campaign creative pitch, it became rather obvious that there was an opportunity for us to create something with a lot more longevity - allowing us to reposition the brand at the same time as produce online display ads, landing pages, emails and a bespoke Wordpress content hub. The latter being the really cool bit.

What started as an advertising brief became a full-on content strategy project, which was ace.

The campaign creative became all about incorporating the brand name into a route that enabled absolute longevity. Playing on the emotive subject matter, we chose a route that used selfies alongside simple headlines, designed to inspire people considering teaching overseas. Sometimes the simplest ideas the most appropriate, right?

So 'I To I'M DOING IT' was born...


An opportunity to expand this piece became painfully obvious very quickly. Instead of simply producing ads including real 'TEFLers' sharing glee over their newfound locations/lifestyles, wouldn't it make more sense to give I-To-I's brand advocates a digital platform to share their experiences (pics/vids etc) for all to see/comment/share?

The next step was to work alongside I-To-I's digital team aligning their aspirations around SEO and utilising existing online conversion tools, to ensure that whilst our 'fluffy' content piece did a great job in telling I-To-I's brand story, we then took interested potential TEFLers through a conversion process.

Do we even have to state that the site is fully responsive?! The site's fully responsive - custom-built from scratch by UK-based devs.

In addition, we completely redesigned their blog & FAQ sections in line with longtail SEO research, enabling both pages to rise in rankings.

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