B2B rebranding



We gave the £220m Bradford-based travel management company (TMC) the '5-Point Exploding Heart' treatment - i.e. a full rebranding. What began as a conversation around "how do we maximise our digital creative strategy?" quickly became a case of helping a brand take a long hard look at itself - what it actually stood for, who it wanted to talk to - and how.

Due to the business’ massive and rapid growth, the brand had lost its definition and focus, from the inside out. Fist of Fury identified the need to tackle more pressing issues around the dated brand identity and position.

We were able to take Redfern through our 360 degree planning and brand planning process - beginning with a rigorous exploration phase involving workshops with clients, staff and directors.

The result was a complete revolution of what was a relatively old brand identity - as well as a clearly defined brand strategy and brand position. So a complete rebranding.


The brand workshop programme we carried out spanned from directors and staff groups, as well as Redfern’s clients. As a result, we had a great deal of data to work with as we explored the internal and external perceptions of the brand, versus what the brand actually stood for. The need to centre the brand’s direction and key drivers became abundantly clear – as did the need to craft the brand’s tone of voice and purpose. Notwithstanding anything else, we had to consider the juxtaposition of a ‘touch-free’ digital travel management product that was renowned for its personality and hands-on approach to customer service.


Fist of Fury created a new visual identity (and shortened the brand name), underpinned by the introduction of ‘Straightforward Business Travel’ – an open and simple brand position, designed to ‘set out the stall’ for Redfern’s brand tone of voice. In an industry that’s saturated with technology and overt complexity, this was a true point of differentiation.

The new logo – an obvious reference to both the brand position and the very nature of the organisation’s services – infers both forward motion and technology – whilst retaining an element of friendliness and approachability.

The colour palette is a deliberate and vibrant spectrum, representing the energy and personality behind the Redfern brand, as well as the sheer breadth of their product offering.

Clean, bright, open, straightforward.

Caveat: Since creating their new brand, we left Redfern to design and build their own site in-house. In all honesty, it's not the way we would've gone with the design - not by a country mile.

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