Hate crimes campaign

Thames Valley Police


With UK hate crime statistics rising a staggering 58% since the EU Referendum, it's unarguable that this is no longer a major issue facing British society. In fact, we'd already pitched for this brief in January 2016 - before the further increase directly linked to Brexit.

Our brief was (and still is) to tackle the issue head-on - producing campaign concepts that disrupt and raise question - where previous campaigns have made little impact. Our earlier concepts were stronger still, yet deemed too strong by the PCC. Our work is required to do three things:

  • Highlight hate crimes: i.e. this isn't just about race or religion, but about sexuality, disability and transgender too;
  • Define what a hate crime is: i.e. bullying, harassment, or the more obvious physical assault of people due to their difference;
  • Encourage both victims and witnesses to begin reporting hate crimes (since many such crimes go unreported at this time).


Whilst this is only an example of the work in the #LetsHateHate campaign, hopefully this highlights some of our approach (due to be a fully integrated campaign, using social, PR and print).

The campaign concept is simple enough: #LetsHateHate. Let's stand up to it from now on and report it. We used real people rather than models, to make the campaign more authentic.

PR coverage and use of the hashtag has already been significant in the region.

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