The Mortgage Lender

The Mortgage Lender


Rebrand The Mortgage Lender, specialists in lending mortgages to people who wouldn’t usually tick the ‘normal’ box with other lenders, as a brand that is straight-talking and relatable but fun at the same time?

Tough gig.


We worked with The Mortgage Lender over a period of 4 months, unlocking the brand attitude that got to the heart of who they are and defining their key messages through our infamous 5 point exploding heart technique series of brand workshops. The work resulted in a new and very bold visual and textual style, using real speak. Ta-dah! A real, honest brand was born — destined to stand out in the financial services blandscape.

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Here's an interview with Martin O'Toole (founder of Fist of fury) & Peter Beaumont (Dep CEO of The Mortgage Lender) where they discuss the rebrand process.